Do you live in Tucson, Arizona?? Posted on 18 May 09:49 , 0 comments

Great news!! If you live in Tucson, Arizona..... I have added free shipping!!! Yes, I will bring your item to you... I am so excited to be able to do this!

Happy Sunday! Posted on 10 Apr 08:16 , 0 comments

Today is overcast and a bit gloomy.... don't let this affect your fitness goals. Instead let it fuel your goals.... work a bit harder towards those goals, show Mother nature that you are the boss of yourself.... she isn't. Haha!! Have a super day!

Summer Is Creeping Upon Us Posted on 7 Apr 12:30 , 0 comments

The heat is inevitable as summertime approaches, along with our quest for obtaining a fit physique, always remember to stay hydrated, use the sunscreen and enjoy the season!

So... tell me what was the first flavor?? What will your first flavor be? Posted on 19 Oct 13:29 , 0 comments

Stephanie Dunbar Lage Raspberry/Lime
Stephanie Dunbar Lage's photo.
Cynthia Dunbar Thanks Steph!! Enjoy!!

Hello Fitness Fans! Posted on 11 Aug 10:34 , 0 comments

I am truly excited to bring you Fit Cyn, I decided to try out Shopify because of the user friendly shop that you can create, I also want to make sure it is easy for all of you fitness fans to use.

I have been so excited to finally get the ball rolling, it has been a new and exciting period, learning all there is to know about setting up an online store.

I hope you enjoy all there is at Fit Cyn, as time goes by I want to be able to grow with you and follow you throughout your fitness journey.

Please let me know how you are doing and of any way I can help you with your fitness goals and dreams.

I wish you greatness and health,

Fit Cyn ;-)